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Pre Event Checklist

Want an extensive rundown, sorted by the days leading up to the event? We've got you sorted.

14 Days to Go#

If you've procrastinated and are only just getting started on putting the event together, now is the right time to start. At 2 weeks to go for your event, here's what you'll need to start with:

  • Choose a theme: It's a great idea to have a theme for your event. Your theme reflects what the event is going to be about.

  • Find a speaker or a guest: Every event needs a special guest who will deliver an address.

  • Confirm a date and time: Find the best time to conduct your event considering factors such as when your target audience would be free. Consider a weekend.

  • Know your target audience and how to reach them: For example, if you're targeting a working crowd, emails might be your best way to get the word around. If your audience is on the younger side, social media would effectively do the trick.

  • Make a poster and a blurb to advertise: If you're an expert at graphic designing, you've probably already got this in the bag. But fret not if you're not a very creative person, a simple and practical poster is all you need. You would also need a blurb to go with the poster when you advertise the event. Most importantly, don't forget to add the YBlockchain logo!

7 Days To Go#

By now, you should have a theme, a guest speaker, a poster and a blurb to be able to advertise. With 7 days to go till your event, here's what you need to do:

  • Send out poster and invites along with a registration link: It’s time to get the word out there. We recommend sending out a registration link to get an idea on how many people to expect.
  • Confirm the agenda for the event: Make sure everything planned for the event fits the theme and double check on the guest and other agenda items.

3 Days To Go#

  • Send out reminders: In case there’s someone who missed the invite you sent out 4 days ago, they’ll be sure to see it now. It also wouldn't hurt to remind those who have already seen it 😜

1 Day To Go#

  • Send out the link to the event: If your event is online, be sure to send out the link to the event to those who registered for it, the day before your event.
  • Conduct a dry run: It's always a good idea to roughly run through the entire event beforehand to make sure you aren't forgetting anything.
  • Have an emcee: It's essential to have a person who will host the event, introduce the speaker and be a moderator during the course of the event.

On the Day#

  • Make sure your speaker and host are ready.

  • At 1 hour to go, send a reminder along with the meeting link to our Discord community.

  • If you haven't already, at 30 minutes to go, conduct a dry run of the event.

  • 5 minutes into the event, share a screenshot of the event with your community to announce that you are live.